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Our Story

We’re Evan and Erika Jordan, parents of two rambunctious boys, Jack and Wally. We believe parenting is a partnership, and both do our best to be there for our boys when they need us. 

Erika experienced struggles with milk production for both babies, so Evan was involved in feeding them from the start. He discovered that all of the breastfeeding pillows on the market don’t quite work for bottle feeding, and he was tired of stacking couch cushions to get comfortable. So, we began our quest to make bottle feeding comfortable and convenient for dads.

Why focus on dads? We think dads sometimes get left out of the equation when it comes to feeding their babies. Too often the narrative is that dad is ‘babysitting’ when he is with the kids, rather than a full fledged parent. There are thousands of breastfeeding accessories out there, and rightly so. Breastfeeding is hard work and we support anything created to make that process easier. But – dads feed babies too, and there is a genuine lack of gear out there designed to make things easier when it is their turn to feed the baby. 

The Daddy-O Pillow isn’t just for dads either – moms, grandparents, friends, babysitters, and more can use the Daddy-O Pillow too. Our goal is to make bottle feeding as comfortable and convenient as possible, and we think the Daddy-O pillow can help with that.

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